NIMFEUM - Nieto Mercedes Oriental Dance Studio

Our dream became true, our dancestudio has been opened! In our beautiful studio wide spaces, eastern mood and professional dedicated teachers are waiting for you.
Address: Doorbell 90, III. floor, 30. Falk Miksa u., 1055 Budapest.
Easily reachable, only couple of steps away from Jászai Mari square. Tramlines 4-6 and 2 stops there. The Nyugati Pályaudvar metrostation is only 5 minutes away.

Which class to choose

Levels of education:

In Nimfeum we give opportunity from beginner to professional dancers to learn, improve and gain a knowledge according to the international trends.

Pre-Intermediate: dancing less than 2 years
Intermediate: dancing for 2 years
Advanced: dancing for 3 years
Professional: dancing for 4 years

If you are not sure about your level, which class will fit for you, don’t hesitate to ask our teachers or write us to

Timetable Cairo Room

18.30-19.45 Advenced class, instructor: MercedesNieto/Alexandra Varga
19.45-21.00 RAQS Tabla, instructor: Ádám Hosmann, Alexandra Varga

18.30-19.45 Intermediate class, instructor: Mercedes Nieto /Anita Makács
19.45-21.00 Open NYMPH training, professional class, intructor: Mercedes Nieto

18.30-19.45 Advanced class, instructor: Mercedes Nieto / Alexandra Varga

18.30-19.45 Intermediate class, instructor: Mercedes Nieto/ Anita Makács
18.00-20.30 NIMFEUM Club

Timetable MARRAKESH Room

20.00-21.15 New beginner class, instructor: Kriszti Órai

17.15-18.30  Pre-intermediate class, instructor: Alexandra Varga

17.15-18.30 ORIENT LOVE, instructor: Gyöngyi Stúber
18.45-20.00 Pre-intermediate technique class, instructor: Kriszti Órai
20.00-21.15 NEW beginner class, instructor: Kriszti Órai

17.15-18.30 Pre-intermediate class, instructor: Alexandra Varga


“The feet of dancers Shine with mirth,
Their hearts are vibrant as bells: The air flows by them 
Divided like water Cut by a gleaming ship.
Triumphantly their bodies sing, Their eyes are blind
With music.”

They Who Dance by Marjorie Allen Seiffert

Tuition fees

We have 75 minutes classes according to the timetable. To join our classes please write us on You make your tuition payment on your first class at the education center.

Daily ticket

(1 x 75 min): Ft 2200 

Membership discounts:

4 classes – 7.800 Ft (only 1.950 Ft per class) valid for 4 weeks
8 classes –  13.600 Ft (only 1.700 Ft per class) valid for 5 weeks
NEW! VIP membership – 27.000 Ft – valid for 4 weeks for all classes of our timetable

Our teachers

Our students’ opinions

Yasmin, Sweden

Dear Mercedes!
I just wanted to thank you for coming, cause i like you and admire you so much, you are a wonderful person; it tells from the way u are, talk and dance and it has a positiv effect on me mentally. Yasmin, a geeky fan

Alexandra, Sweden

Dear Mercedes. I have been thinking a lot about what you told us, about connecting a feeling to the music and the dance and know I understand my moves and dance so much better, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I really hope to see you soon, to go to your workshop. It was my pleasure to meet you, you are such a wonderful person with a big heart.

Liva, Riga - Latvia

Hello Mercedes!
I just came back from your workshop in Riga, Shaabi style:) I’m so amazed by you and your dance that i had a big desire to tell you this. As I am dancing only one year i have been to only few workshops,but you impressed me most of all,its even not possible to describe in words:) I feel so sunny after your workshop. Thank you for everything.