“Let’s help together!” Christmas Gala 2019

Beginner Belly Dance Course

“A moment of truth can beautify and will beautify the world. A moment of peace can and will save the world. A moment of love can and will make the world perfect.”

(Sri Chinmoy)

Did you do charity this year?

If not yet, or not enough, we are expecting you on December 20th from 7pm on our annual


Venue: K11 Cultural and Art Center, 1075 Budapest, Király u. 11.

All of the proceeds go to charity!

For the eighth time this year, we have organized a Christmas food distribution for the homeless and needy with the help of the Shelter Foundation, and for the seventh time this year we have a Christmas gift package (toys, clothes, food) for children in need.

Help with us!

– All you have to do is come to the K11 Cultural and Art Center on December 20th for our dance gala.

The show will be an end-of-year belly dance performance by the students of NIMFEUM – Nieto Mercedes Oriental Dance School, with wonderful guest artists such as Krisztina Amira Nemeth and Judit Lefkovics-Virág – who are wonderful friends and help us every year.


– You can buy your tickets at Nimfeum (1088 BP, Szentkirályi utca 11. 1/17)

– Or order in email info@nietomercedes.com

Sponsor tickets

You can buy multiple sponsor tickets, depending on how much you want to support our charity evening:

  • Tickets of the gala: 1.800 Ft
  • Sponsor Ticket 3.800 Ft (which includes the entry ticket and a compilation CD)
  • Top sponsor ticket 4.800 Ft (which includes the entry ticket and a DVD of a previous performance)

If you have any clothes, food, toys you don’t need anymore, you want to bake something for those in need, a bag of candy or tangerine, please send it to the Nimfeum by December 20th or bring it for the gala with you.

EVERY DONATION GOES TO THE RIGHT PLACE, we give everything ourselves.

Thank you very much! We look forward to seeing you all with a beautiful show and love with a gingerbread scent!