RAQSoul Online – Fall & Winter

RAQSoul Online – Fall & Winter

Immerse in your new path to Raqs Sharki with Mercedes – endless new inspirations for your technique, dance stylization, sophisticated choreographies, training, and artistic development. 

New course for the most dedicated and creativity seeking dancers – for the first time: using my recent live online workshop experiences I’ve created RAQSoul Course for this 2020 fall/winter season.

This monthly course consists of 8 workshops throughout 4 weekends of the year – every topic will be repeated twice on each date to make it suitable for all time zones.

I am offering layered choreographies and intensive technique workshops focusing on creative new approaches and artistic interpretation in dance, from intermediate to pro levels.

The classes are online live through Zoom.
I would like to make sure that regardless of where you are in the world, and the time difference, you are included. So I will teach the same material twice each day! You may choose your preference.

Advanced and beginner belly dance courses

First topics on September 26-27:‬

‪Saturday (‪Workshop 1 & workshop 2): Classical song choreography – Part 1. 
‪Music understanding and analyzing, technique‬

‪Sunday (‪Workshop 1 & workshop 2): Classical song choreography – Part 2.‬
‪Expression, personal interpretation ‬