Oriental routine choreography with expressive layers, storytelling and a little spanish touch.
Running Time: 2,5-3 hours
Language: English

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Hastánc oktatás, kezdő és haladó tanfolyamok
RAQSoul Workshops – Home Series
Videos of live workshops filmed at home, in front of an online audience – an intimate learning experience just like a real workshop pr private class. 
2020 is a special year for all of us. Artists are looking for new ways to keep sharing inspiration. During quarantine the only way for me to teach was online, from home – so I have set up a cozy dance studio in my living room and started streaming. I was excited and nervous but I have shortly fallen in love with the new opportunities and new connections that online teaching offered. I got the chance to work on and record some of my favorite topics, to create new choreographies and develop new methods meanwhile being connected to many amazing dancers from all around the world. The RAQSoul Home Series is the result of this experimental period – get ready for a laid back, natural, comfortable learning experience and a lots of new inspiration.