Nymph Company

[ivan_icon_box icon_style=”normal” size=”fa-5x” title=”Nymph Oriental Dance Company ” animation_iteration=”1″ template=”primary-bg” c_id=”.vc_1498637285968″ ico_image=”3481″]In the summer of 2007 I founded my own company from my most talented students in the advanced group called the Nymph Oriental Dance Company. The company due to the intensive training has won a lot of various prizes at many competitions since its foundation and has taken part in prestigious theatrical performances, also performed in China, in Morocco several times, in Qatar at a Royal Family wedding, in Vienna, Cairo, Madrid, Stockholm, Paris, Barcelona just to name a few places, at the events of the Egyptian Embassy, exhibitions, various events and of course at Oriental Dance Festivals worldwide. [/ivan_icon_box]

They move through threatening ghosts
Feeling them cool as mist On their brows.
They who dance 
Find infinite golden floors Beneath their feet.

They Who Dance by Marjorie Allen Seiffert

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About our Company

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  • Raqs Sharki – Hungarian Oriental Dance Competition 2nd place and best choreography award 2 years in a row 2007-2008
  • two 1st places in 2009
  • At the international competition of the Nile Group Festival 2nd place 2 years in a row 2007-2008 and 1st place in  2009
  • 1st place at the Stockholm Bellydance Festival in  2010
  • 1st place at the Nefertiti Charity Bellydance Competition in 2008

Theatrical Shows

  • Déli Éjszakák – Belvárosi Színház
  • Csoda az élet! Nofretéte – musical a Budapesti Kamaraszínházban
  • Angyali show – a Kamaraszínházban és több vidéki városban
  • FEHÉR Orientális Táncszínházi Előadás – Merlin Színház

The main long term purpose of the dance company is to share the beautiful gift of Oriental Dance expansively and for it to be recognized as and Art Form of Dance which is achieved through creating authentic, professional, high quality and unique dance and theatrical performances. Accordingly the members of the company keep improving their skills through daily practice and performing in Egypt numerous times a year.

The artistic director, teacher, choreographer of the Company:
Mercedes Nieto

Active members of the Company:
Ballabás Lina, Carmen Aguilar, Deák Judit, Geda Zsófia, Hegedűs Orsolya, Ifka Vivien, Makács Anita, Varga Alexandra

Past members of the Company: Batáry Szabina, Brebán Katalin, Budányi Nikolett, Dóra Tünde, Faur Melinda, Farkas Bernadett, Felegyi Tímea, Huszár Barbara, Juhász-Nagy Kata, Kalicza Tícia, Kelemen Zsuzsanna, Kis Viktória, Kraszkó Anita, Mészáros Zita, Mezey Mariann, Novák Renáta, Órai Krisztina, Pál Krisztina, Sági Borbála, Stúber Gyöngyi, Szentpáli Ildikó, Szendi Boglárka, Szigeti Viktória.

We gladly accept invitations to events to present our authentic and classical or modern Oriental & Middle eastern style dance performances, as well as commissions of teaching and choreography.

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</p> <h4>Kareaht Alfenghan, oriental dance</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Oriental Dance to an Oum Kalthoum song</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Stockholm Bellydance Festival</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Abdel Halim Hafez: Maddah el Amar</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Drumsolo</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Egyptian Shaabi</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Modern Oriental</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Baed Annek, oriental dance</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Compilation</h4> <p>