Hastánc tanfolyam a belvárosbanNEW! BEGINNER BELLYDANCE CLASS IN ENGLISH at the Nimfeum Studio with Anita and Anna

Try our new Beginner Bellydance class now in English!

You won’t fall out of the rhythm anymore just because you don’t speak hungarian. Anita and Anna, soloists of the Nymph Oriental Dance Company by Mercedes Nieto will hold these cool new classes fully in English.


Saturday 16:00-17:15

First class: 8th February

Venue: Amira Belly Dance Studio,
1088 Budapest Szentkirályi utca 11., 1.st floor 17.

In the Nimfeum you will meet:

Artistic bellydance education
The head of the school is a world famous dancer
Professional teachers
Workshops, competitions, summer camp
International community

In the Nimfeum you will NOT meet

Boring classes, unprofessional education

You can study bellydance in a higher, artistic level, in a supporting and welcoming environment with enthusiastic and professional teachers.

Hastánc oktatás, kezdő és haladó tanfolyamokOur teachers

Makács Anita

My name is Anita Makács and since 2006 I have been doing Oriental dance. The diversity, depth, content, and femininity of the genre have caught me from the very first minute. I try to convey this complexity in my lessons as well. To make the most of the disciples, to establish the connection between music, their bodies and their hearts. I have been teaching at the Nimfeum since Fall 2014 and have been a member of the Nimfa Oriental Society since 2013. So far, I have had the opportunity to learn from several domestic and foreign masters.
My teachers who taught and inspired me over the years were: Nieto Mercedes (also my current teacher), Lubna Emam, Mohamed Kazafy, Mohamed Shahin, Tito Seif, Mahanned Hawaz, Sadie, Jillina, Elena Ramazanova, Katerina Shereen , Guan, Saida, Kati Brebán, Anikán Áncsán, Anett Kecskeméti, Diana Dahab, Dina Jamilah. Beyond the oriental dance, I worked for a short time on jazz, salsa, bachata. I would like to end my lines with one of my favorite quotes: “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion!”


Hastánc oktatás, kezdő és haladó tanfolyamokTuition fees

We have 75 minutes classes according to the timetable.  You first class on the beginner class is FREE.

We have 75 minutes classes according to the timetable. To join our classes please write us on info@nietomercedes.com. You make your tuition payment on your first class at the education center.

Daily ticket

Ft 2500

(1×75 min)

4 classes

Ft 7.800

(only Ft 1.950 per class) valid for 4 weeks

8 classes

Ft 13.600

only 1.700 Ft per class) valid for 5 weeks

NEW! VIP membership

Ft 27.000

valid for 4 weeks for all classes of our timetable

Hastánc oktatás, kezdő és haladó tanfolyamokUseful informations

– It is recommended to arrive 5-10 minutes before classes start, due to registration and count 10-15 minutes more at the end of the class (dressing up, talking, etc.)
– for belly dance wear, a comfortable long pants or skirt, top, t-shirt or dress are recommended (for belly dance lessons it is advisable to leave the abdomen open), socks or practicing ballet slippers, and a scarf or scarf on the hips

– In the studio are available music, exercise clothes and costumes, as well as DVDs to practice and perform belly dance.
We offer private lessons, competition preparation, choreography and training by prior arrangement.

You are still hesitating?

Don’t worry! You can join anytime to the class!

If you would like to apply to the next class, please fill the Application Form, or contact us at info@nietomercedes.com