Kezdő hastánc tanfolyamNIMFEUM – Nieto Mercedes Oriental Dance Studio

* Raqs Tabla classes are held every two weeks, pre-registration required! You can apply at Venue: Downtown Dance Hall (Address: Király utca 19.) Classes are 120 minutes long (7pm to 9pm), so 1.5 times each pass will be deducted from the purchased pass.

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Which belly dance class to choose?Which belly dance class to choose?

Our training levels:

In Nimfeum we give opportunity from beginner to professional dancers to learn, improve and gain a knowledge according to the international trends.

Pre-Intermediate (középkezdő)

dancing less than 2 years

Intermediate (középhaladó)

dancing for 2 years

Advanced (haladó)

dancing for 3 years

Professional (haladó/profi tréning)

dancing at least for four years

*The levels are understood according to our own training system.

If you are not sure about your level, which class will fit for you, don’t hesitate to ask our teachers or write us to

Tuition feesTuition fees

We have 75 minutes classes according to the timetable. To join our classes please write us on You make your tuition payment on your first class at the education center.

Daily ticket

Ft 2500

(1×75 min)

4 classes

Ft 7.800

(only Ft 1.950 per class) valid for 4 weeks

8 classes

Ft 13.600

only 1.700 Ft per class) valid for 5 weeks

NEW! VIP membership

Ft 27.000

valid for 4 weeks for all classes of our timetable

Beginner and advanced belly dance coursesUseful information

– It is recommended to arrive 5-10 minutes before classes start, due to registration and count 10-15 minutes more at the end of the class (dressing up, talking, etc.)
– for belly dance wear, a comfortable long pants or skirt, top, t-shirt or dress are recommended (for belly dance lessons it is advisable to leave the abdomen open), socks or practicing ballet slippers, and a scarf or scarf on the hips

– In the studio are available music, exercise clothes and costumes, as well as DVDs to practice and perform belly dance.
We offer private lessons, competition preparation, choreography and training by prior arrangement.

Beginner and advanced Belly dance coursesOur teachers

Alexandra Varga

As a child -at the age of 10- I was captivated by oriental dance. From 12 years of dancing I have been a student of Nieto Mercedes for 10 years and have been one of the soloists of the Nimfa Oriental Society since its foundation.

Dance and the company have given me countless opportunities: performances around the world, sincere friendships, hard teamwork and acceptance. Dancing is happiness and self-realization for me – and my goal is for each dancer to recharge in my classes and experience those feelings. Yalla!

Szandi’classes at NIMFEUM:

Raqs Tabla:

Monday: 19:30-20:45

Kriszti Órai

I have been doing belly dance for fourteen years and started teaching nine years ago. My master teacher is Mercedes Nieto, I learned almost everything about dance from her. In addition to Mercedes, I also had the opportunity to learn from Egyptian and other masters in Egypt, Hungary, Sweden and Spain. (Raqia Hassan, Tito, Lubna Emam, Osama Emam, Khazafy, Mahmoud Reda, Hadia, Farida Fahmy, Camelia, Ahmed Refaat, Youssry Sharif, Ghaby Shiba, Nour, Leyla, Ahmed Fekry, Fras, Zeina, Magdy el Lesly, etc. ). In order to professionally perform belly dance I learned classical ballet from Béla Mihályi, modern dance from László Budai and jazz dance from Gábor Bakó, flamenco dance from Andrea Lippai.

Since its foundation, I have been a member of the Mercedes professional group, the Nimfa Oriental Society.

My references:
Nimfa Oriental Company led by Mercedes Nieto has won numerous domestic competitions (Raqs Sharki National, Nefertiti, etc.) We have performed in theatrical productions at Merlin and Downtown Theater: Southern Nights, Entrance, White. I danced with the band for several years and individually at two venues at the Sziget Festival.

We have performed at many hungarian and austrian events. In 2009 in Cairo we won first place in the Nile Group international competition and in 2010 in Stockholm we also won first place. We worked with the Khalifa band several times. We have been invited to perform at numerous festivals in the capital and the countryside, and have given shows in several surrounding countries, as well as in Madrid, Stockholm and Cairo.

Kriszti’s casses at NIMFEUM:

NEW! Beginner belly dance course:
Tuesday: 19.00-20.15

Pre-Intermediate Course:
Thursday 17:45-19:00

Intermediate course:
Friday: 18:30-19:45

Anita Makács

My name is Anita Makács and since 2006 I have been doing Oriental dance. The diversity, depth, content, and femininity of the genre have caught me from the very first minute. I try to convey this complexity in my lessons as well. To make the most of the disciples, to establish the connection between music, their bodies and their hearts. I have been teaching at the Nimfeum since Fall 2014 and have been a member of the Nimfa Oriental Society since 2013. So far, I have had the opportunity to learn from several domestic and foreign masters.
My teachers who taught and inspired me over the years were: Nieto Mercedes (also my current teacher), Lubna Emam, Mohamed Kazafy, Mohamed Shahin, Tito Seif, Mahanned Hawaz, Sadie, Jillina, Elena Ramazanova, Katerina Shereen , Guan, Saida, Kati Brebán, Anikán Áncsán, Anett Kecskeméti, Diana Dahab, Dina Jamilah. Beyond the oriental dance, I worked for a short time on jazz, salsa, bachata. I would like to end my lines with one of my favorite quotes: “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion!”

Anita’classes at NIMFEUM:

Pre-Intermediate / ReBeginner:
Monday: 17.45-19.00

Intermediate Course:
Tuesday: 18.30-19.45

Open Nymph/professional class
Kedd 19.45-21.00

Advanced Course:
Wednesday: 18.30-19.45

Wednesday: 19.45-21.00

Our student’s opinion

Batáry Szabina, Budapest (member of Nymph Oriental Dance Company)

She loves to teach, her femininity radiates from every move, so I like to learn from her. She can always show new things, she doesn’t leave mistakes, she is happy for our progress, and a passionate choreographer. Maximalist when it comes to acting and that’s okay. I don’t want to learn from anyone else… If there is no tight deadline, we learn to play and the lessons bring physical spiritual refreshment. I recharge and get rid of stress. Our group is a really small community of friends, almost family, and this is her merit. We can contact her with any problems.
She does not keep the typical distance between master and student, we are girlfriends. Even though I always rush and rarely participate in team building programs (big parties, cooking and eating together, theater, cinema…), I do not feel excluded. She’s a real little treasure.

Yasmin, Sweden

Dear Mercedes!
I just wanted to thank you for coming, cause i like you and admire you so much, you are a wonderful person; it tells from the way u are, talk and dance and it has a positiv effect on me mentally. Yasmin, a geeky fan.

A student of NIMFEUM

I really enjoy learning from Anita. She does her best for the group to learn the topic, empathetic, but knows exactly when to put aside empathy. She is also a great role model as a dancer.

Magyar Kriszti, Budapest

Hi Merci!
I just want to thank the camp once again. It was great and you gave us so much again that you can’t say it in words. It was fantastic and you gave so much for all of us.
You are a wonderful dancer, teacher, woman and pure Siva person. Always stay like this because the world needs you. Especially in this world today. Now I’m cheering and I’m really looking forward to the oracle starting.

Alexandra, Sweden

Dear Mercedes. I have been thinking a lot about what you told us, about connecting a feeling to the music and the dance and know I understand my moves and dance so much better, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I really hope to see you soon, to go to your workshop. It was my pleasure to meet you, you are such a wonderful person with a big heart.

A student of NIMFEUM

With Sandy, even the impossible is almost easy. Over the past half year, I have learned things in my classes that seemed previously unattainable.

Danyi Piroska, Siófok

I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience you have given us during your days at the Lelle Belly Dance Camp, impregnated with your loving radiance, tenderness, feminine charm, and kindness. I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to live it all. I used to hear from older friends in the family that it was always the disciple who would find his Master, whether it be any activity that needed or could be learned. That is why I feel that when I was searching and searching, my choice was not by chance among the many possibilities.
In your case, the gift of God is not measured in years, you got it to life. Amazing what you do – it has a great impact on people – you are an honest pure man. I wish you every success in the future.

Liva, Riga – Latvia

Hello Mercedes!
I just came back from your workshop in Riga, Shaabi style:) I’m so amazed by you and your dance that i had a big desire to tell you this. As I am dancing only one year i have been to only few workshops,but you impressed me most of all,its even not possible to describe in words:) I feel so sunny after your workshop. Thank you for everything.

A student of NIMFEUM

Kriszti is a very kind, open-minded person, easy to dissolve. Beautiful femininity comes through and it is motivating to see how she does it and how much she loves it.