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Nieto Mercedes

Internationally renowned, world-famous oriental dancer, instructor, choreographer. Founder and principal organizer of the International Cairo! Fest Budapest, since 2007. Founder and head of the Nymph Oriental Dance Company since 2005, Master Teacher of the Nile Group Festival (Cairo, Egypt) since 2010. One of Europe’s most sought after belly dancers, she has taught and performed in more than 40 countries around the world in the recent years.

Mercedes has spent a decade touring around the World: since 2009 she had been teaching and performing at around 30 different oriental dance events worldwide yearly. While constantly traveling throughout five continents sharing her knowledge, passion and unique vision for belly dancing, she kept organizing the now internationally highly acclaimed CAIRO! Fest Budapest. The festival attracts hundreds of dedicated dancers to Hungary from all over the world every spring. 

Mercedes is producing middle-eastern music specifically for oriental dancers since 2012: creating music in Cairo, Egypt, in collaboration with some of the best musicians and composers the scene has to offer, producing and releasing the material in Europe. She has released four albums that gained wide international success among dancers.

Meanwhile currently focusing more on her international career, festival and music productions, Mercedes is still teaching in Budapest in her own dance studio called the ?Nimfeum? whenever she?s in town, performing annual shows with her students, organizing charity galas as well as managing her professional oriental dance company ?The Nymph Oriental Dance Company?.

Kezdő hastánc tanfolyamNIMFEUM

Downtown Belly Dance Studio at Budapest:
beginner and advanced belly dance education, artistic belly dance

Nieto Mercedes Oriental Dance Studio offers you professional knowledge, professional and dedicated instructors, development opportunities, joint programs and a super community!

We’re waiting for you with our beginner, intermediate and advanced belly dance courses and RAQS Tabla classes. Belly Dance Workshops, Summer Belly Dance Camps enrich the life of our dance school, and of course the International Belly Dance Festival we hold every year: CAIRO! Fest Budapest!

We hold our classes at the Amira Studio: 1088 Szentkirályi utca 11., Raqs Tabla Clock: Downtown Dance Hall, 1075 Király Street 19.

More about Belly Dance Courses and Education?

Our world has changed in just a few days. What I miss the most from the near past is the connections we have created through dance, all around the world, that I imagine as a beautiful gold spider web. I would like to keep being connected to you and for now the only way to do so is online. My touring schedule had not allowed me to be present in online platforms until now, but the time has come. For the first time in my career I?m offering online coaching, private tuition, choreography creation or revisal, lectures, and basically anything that you would need from me during these difficult times.

Catch me until I?m home.

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Opinions of our students

Bea, Zalaegerszeg


Hi Merci,
I participated in all three belly dance workshops this weekend in Zalaegerszeg. You have impressed me as a person, teacher, lecturer, performer, thinker, and mediator of a culture.
I got a lot and congratulations on getting so far at such a young age. During the workshops, my favorite quote came back many times (reflected that I was quoting you).
“There is one knowledge, the rest is an extension: The earth beneath you, the sky above you, the ladder in you.” (Sándor Weöres)
Thanks for the workshops, we are still under the influence.
Liva, Riga – Latvia


Hello Mercedes!
I just came back from your belly dance workshop in Riga, Shaabi style 🙂

I’m so amazed by you and your dance, that I had a big desire to tell you this. As I am dancing only one year, I have been to only few workshops, but you impressed me most of all, it’s even not possible to describe in words. 🙂

I feel so sunny after your workshop. Thank you for everything.

Rita Kovács, Budapest


Why am I dancing? Because dance is love…at first sight? And why am I dancing here? Because Merci not only learns the exact movements, but also the feeling. The real experience when we start learning a series of movements is, in the beginning I don’t even know where my hands and feet are, not to mention my hips, and then I feel the music during practice. Then I understand the music, and then the movements fit in well and I start to feel the harmony of the music and the movement and enjoy the dance as the world disappears and everything is just about that feeling. And to experience all this with a fantastic teacher, group, friends, several hours a week, what more could I wish for?

Cairo! International Oriental Dance Festival, BudapestCAIRO! Fest

12th International Oriental Dance Festival Budapest

We are delighted to be visited again by the world’s most renowned Egyptian and international master teachers, guaranteeing an authentic feeling, professionalism and a good atmosphere.

Celebrity guests:

Lubna Emam, Saida, Khaled Mahmoud, Mercedes Nieto, Virginia Mendez, Yael Zarca, Aleksei Riaboshapka, Gulden Fatkulla, Mohanned Hawaz, Guan & Rita, Eman Zaki, Vesna Zorman, Judit Virág,  Veronika Vámos, Amira.

The 12th annual festival will be hosted by a beautiful venue this year, with workshops in the Gellért Hotel’s prestigious building.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone who wants something more and original in the oriental dance world!